Strawberries will grow small and sour: what mistakes to avoid

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How to grow large and sweet strawberries

Strawberries need to be fed at all stages of growth: from the moment the first leaves begin to form to the appearance of the ovary. Experienced gardeners say that fertiliser should be applied to bushes that are 2 or more years old. In the early stages of growth, plants need nitrogen, so you can choose mineral fertilisers.

But it often happens that strawberries, contrary to expectations, grow small and sour. OBOZREVATEL figured out what mistakes to avoid when caring for berries.

Distance between bushes when planting

Let's start with the first stage - planting strawberries. Often, beginners, wanting to get a rich harvest from a small garden, plant bushes too close together. They delude themselves with the illusion that this way they will get more berries. In fact, the opposite is true. If you do not keep the distance, the bushes will simply not have enough nutrients from the soil or space for development and reproduction.

Watering regime

Excessive moisture will lead to a number of diseases. In addition, strawberries will begin to deteriorate and rot. The berries need enough water, but you should follow the optimal watering regime.

Pest attack

The most dangerous pest for strawberries is the strawberry weevil. This pest can lay its larvae in the buds, which causes the berries to lack nutrients.

You should follow the rules of crop rotation and regularly treat the bushes with pest control products.

Is it necessary to spud strawberry bushes

Hilling will be very beneficial for strawberries, as this way the soil can be saturated with oxygen and fertilisers.

It is best to add sawdust or shredded bark to the soil when hilling.


Strawberries like to be fertilised, but you shouldn't experiment too much with different products. There are many fertiliser options. It is recommended to fertilise the strawberry bush with ammonium nitrate or urea in a proportion of 25 g per 10 litres of water. You can simply sprinkle the beds with wood ash. When choosing organic fertilisers, you should pay attention to litter and manure. They are well suited for strawberries.

In addition, a fertiliser made from greens will protect strawberries from diseases. Read the article to find out how to prepare it properly and when to start processing.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about a special mixture that should be used to feed strawberries before flowering.

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