Space horror awaits the people of the future: a futurist predicted the spiritual evolution of the earthlings

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People will have to realize their insignificance against the greatness of the universe

When humanity becomes an interplanetary species, there will be a rethinking of many areas of life. Liberation from Earth's gravitational pull will change the way we think and feel, affecting our spirituality and psyche. It is also likely that a cosmic horror of self-identity will await us.

This is according to an article published by Big Think. The author notes that the spirituality, myths and religions of earthlings have always been linked to the sky, so it will have to be rethought by generations of people who will live under the new stars and perhaps even next to a new luminary instead of our Sun.

"With every group of humanity making this (cosmic. - Ed.) leap, there is a spiritual transformation. We fundamentally change and change ourselves as we move into a new stage in a new environment," convinced fiction writer, mythologist and futurist Jason Batt.

He notes that with each new journey humanity forms new ideas, which turn into stories and then legends and myths. This happens because humanity is trying to find meaning in life.

But besides the joys of discovery, humanity will probably also be in for a cosmic horror when we get far enough away from our galaxy and truly realize that neither the Earth, the Sun, nor the Milky Way was ever the center of the universe.

"Far away in an uncharted backwater of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small yellow Sun that is overlooked. Around it, some ninety-two million miles away, revolves a perfectly insignificant little blue-green planet whose life forms, descended from apes, are so primitive that they still think a digital clock is a good enough idea," so wrote the British writer Douglas Adams in his time in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

It was his idea of how insignificant the Earth is in a global sense that gave rise to the concept called "cosmic horror. Its essence is that the universe is much larger than our tiny mind can comprehend.

"Now we have managed to go higher (above the Earth. - Ed.). We took that step, and suddenly realized that the universe is much bigger, and we're much smaller than we could be. And there's something very eerie about realizing our potential nothingness in the face of it all," Batt stressed.

He rhetorically asks whether our earthly societies will matter when the Milky Way inevitably collides with the Andromeda galaxy and whether our consciousness will have value when the Sun expands and consumes our Earth?

In space, notes Batt, humanity will have to realize a new scale of isolation never seen before, and to accept that there is simply no way home.

But in addition to the horrors, the so-called overview effect also awaits us. This is a phenomenon the astronauts talk about. It consists in the fact that watching the Earth from the outside, people experience a unity with the cosmos and a desire to protect our tiny planet.

"I was struck by the realization that the nature of the universe is not what I was taught ... I not only saw the connection, I felt it... I was overwhelmed by a sense of physical and mental expansion into the cosmos. I realized it was a biological reaction of my brain trying to reorganize itself and make sense of the wonderful and amazing processes I had the privilege of observing," astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to land on the moon, said of his experience.

Another discovery awaiting humanity is the realization that there must be other intelligent life in the universe. It comes at the moment when man truly realizes how many stars there are in the universe and that each of them could be home to alien life. Scientists call this sensation the ultravision effect.

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