Sleep like a cloud: how to clean an old and dirty mattress

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A clean mattress is the key to good sleep

Preparing your home for winter is the perfect time to take care of your mattress, among other things. Over the summer, it has absorbed a lot of sweat and sebum, and this may have caused it to develop an odor.

It is not too difficult to remove it. And you will need simple tools at hand to help refresh the item and remove stains from it. OBOZREVATEL talks about the main ways. They will help you turn even an old mattress into a sleeping paradise.

Baking soda for odors

If you need to freshen up your mattress quickly enough, the best way is to sprinkle it generously with baking soda. It will absorb all the excess moisture, even if it is invisible at first glance, and eliminate any foreign odors. Cover the mattress with baking soda through a sieve - the layer should be generous but even. Leave it to act for 30 minutes to several hours. After that, the product is vacuumed up with a vacuum cleaner.

Lemon juice for yellow stains

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is good for removing yellow stains from the mattress that may remain after contact with the body. But before you use it, check the effect in an inconspicuous place. If the fabric tolerates it well, cut a fresh lemon and squeeze a little juice onto the stain. Do this through a fine strainer so that no pips or pieces of pulp get on the textile. After an hour, when the juice has worked, collect the remains with a dry cloth and treat the cleaned area with a damp cloth.

Stain remover for stubborn stains

Stubborn stains are best removed with a stain remover or laundry detergent solution. It is best to use products that are suitable for upholstery cleaning. Use the stain remover according to the instructions, and make a slightly weaker solution than usual from the laundry detergent powder or gel. Gently moisten the stained area with the product, avoiding soaking the mattress with liquid. It is also important not to rub the stain in all directions - you can only clean it from the edges to the center. After cleaning, wipe the treated area several times with a damp cloth.

The sun against bacteria

To disinfect a mattress, you don't need to rinse it with a solution of chlorine or alcohol. It is enough to expose the item to the sun for a few hours. Ultraviolet light can also remove some stains, and heat dries the material, which helps prevent mold growth. Just place the mattress in direct sunlight and turn it over from time to time.

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