Scientists have developed a "chemical cocktail" that can prevent old age

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It is likely that in the near future, age will be just a number

Scientists have managed to develop a cocktail of special chemicals that can completely rejuvenate the entire body, from the eyes to the brain, returning to a more youthful state. The authors of the miracle cocktail are already calling it a promising new discovery.

The study is reported in the scientific journal Aging. The team of scientists consisted of researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"We identified six chemical cocktails that, in less than a week and without compromising cellular identity, restore the youthful genomic profile of transcripts (RNA molecules) and reverse transcriptomic age," the paper says.

This discovery, the scientists say, shows that rejuvenation through age reversal can be achieved "not only by genetic means but also by chemical means."

The researchers claim to have discovered six treatments that can stop cell aging and return cells to a more "youthful state." At the same time, these treatments do not lead to dangerous cell growth.

However, it is still too early to say that people have overcome old age, writes Futurism. The research was conducted on laboratory tissues and showed "encouraging results" during tests on mice and monkeys. But as of now, none of the cocktails created have been tested on humans.

Harvard Medical School professor David Sinclair, who was the principal investigator on the project, says preparations for the human testing phase are already underway.

"Until recently, the best we could do was to slow aging. The new findings suggest that we can now change that," the scientist said in a press release on the study.

As part of the study, the scientists studied molecules that are present in certain animal species that are able to reprogram any cells in the body into pluripotent stem cells, which are able to turn into any type of cell within the body. It is thanks to such cells that some animals have the ability to regrow lost limbs or horns.

Scientists tested them on specialized cell cultures in which certain markers of aging were evident.

Based on these laboratory tests, six chemical combinations were identified, which, according to scientists, stop aging in just four days of treatment. At the same time, unlike gene therapy, such treatment does not change the identity of the cells.

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