Scientists discover name of previously unknown country: first details

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Historians discover the name of a new country in the ancient world

Archaeologists have made an interesting discovery. The name of a previously unknown country was discovered in eastern Turkey.

The name Qarini was inscribed on a bronze shield belonging to the Urartian king Argishti. This king was a famous conqueror. Having conquered the lands in northern Syria, he became the ruler of one of the most powerful states in post-Hittite Asia Minor. He extended the borders of Urartu as far as the Caucasus. Argishti ruled from 786 BC to 764 BC. Arkeonews has more information about the discovery.

What is known about the artefact

The width of the found shield is 40 centimetres. In addition to the inscription of the name Qarini, there are dotted and curved stripes on the surface.

The discovery has revealed new information about the Urartian expansion. It also provided new information about the writing system of that period.

During the Urartian Kingdom, artefacts with royal inscriptions were made. These artefacts include bronze belts, shields, quivers, bells, helmets, jewellery, horse equipment, ceramics and metal utensils. The products were decorated with images of scenes of royal rituals, hunting, and battles. Attention was also paid to scenes from the afterlife.

Kadir Has University organised a discussion on the issue of identifying the name of the previously unknown country of Qarini.

"The Urartian shields on the battlefield were most likely a sign of victory for the kings. There is evidence that the name of the conquered country was indicated on the shield. All wars were mainly dedicated to the main deity. The shield played a crucial role as a symbol of victory. It acquired special value when it was decorated with cuneiform," said Associate Professor Orhan Varol, speaking about the discovery.

The scientists promise to publish a more detailed study of the bronze shield and the country of Qarini soon.


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