Russians are hysterical over the ban on traveling to the EU with smartphones and other things: what will be confiscated at the border

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Russians were outraged at the EU over the decision to ban entry with belongings
Russians outraged at the EU over the decision to ban entry with belongings

European Union (EU) has banned residents of the terrorist country of Russia from importing cars, smartphones, jewelry, laptops and other things. Russians in social networks threw a tantrum on this issue.

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry called racism this decision of the European Commission. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the occupying country Maria Zakharova.

What is known about the EU decision?

Russians are now not allowed to import even shampoos into the territory of the bloc. The European Commission confirmed the interpretation of the sanctions legislation against Russia, according to which the entry into the EU countries by passenger cars registered in Russia is considered as prohibited imports, the EC document says.

It does not matter whether the vehicle is used for private or commercial purposes, as long as it is registered in Russia, it is subject to sanctions and will be treated as prohibited imports. It is also prohibited to import cosmetics, suitcases, laptops, leather and fur products, semi-precious and precious stones, toilet paper, shampoos and toothpastes.

How did the Russian Federation react?

The Russian Embassy in Finland urged Russians to refuse to travel to the neighboring country in their own cars. "In accordance with the clarifications of the European Commission of September 8, import of goods listed from Russia to the European Union is prohibited, regardless of the purpose of their use and the period of stay on the territory of the EU. Given the possible risks, we recommend Russian citizens to refrain from traveling to Finland in cars with Russian registration plates," the Russian embassy advised.

The diplomats also noted that those planning to cross the EU border can familiarize themselves with the latest information on restrictions on the website of the Finnish Customs. All current bans are listed, including in Russian.

Ordinary Russians reacted very strongly to the bloc's decision. Some citizens of the terrorist country write about "discrimination" in the European Union.

  • "Europe has finally gone off the rails," writes Russian Natasha.
  • "And I'm sure that all the restrictions are done by our authorities. Finns are simply put in front of the fact. This is another ban that started with the ban on food supplies from Europe in August 2014, with which the president opened a streak of deterioration in the lives of Russians," Russian Tatyana is indignant.
  • "So in shoes made of genuine leather (or also with natural fur), made in Italy, in a sheepskin coat made in Germany, with cream and perfume made in France, with an iPhone and a macbook assembled in China to enter this you will be stripped naked?", - asks the Russian woman Laska.
  • "There's been a deep despair settling in me lately. The world is disgusted with the person I was born to be, and there's nothing I can do about it. A fifth-class citizen. At home in the car, to visit can only be naked with a passport in my teeth. I am terribly angry at this superficiality and populism," says the Russian woman.


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As previously reported OBOZREVATEL, Estonia is going to be the first EU country to legalize the confiscation of Russian assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. The country's government is already ready to approve the relevant bill and send it to Parliament for approval.

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