"Russians are allowed in without any problems". Journalist tells how Ukrainians are being oppressed at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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Because of the cursed war in Qatar, there is a fearful attitude towards Ukrainian citizens

Journalist Valeriy Prygornytskyy, who travelled to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, experienced first-hand and through the experience of his friends all the negative attitudes of the hosts towards Ukrainians. Pryhornytskyy shared his story about the attitude of the hosts to our compatriots at the tournament.

"Because of the damned war in Qatar they are afraid of Ukrainian citizens. My Hayya Card (a visa to enter the country for the 2022 World Cup) was confirmed a few days before departure. My friend Ruslan, a sailor from Odesa, was not so lucky. He had to go through nine circles of hell to get to Qatar. His documents and personality were scrutinised, arguing that he could settle in Qatar as a refugee. Ruslan even had to show scans of all his contracts with his employers," quoted Pryhornytskyy as saying.


According to the journalist, many Ukrainians are denied entry to the 2022 World Cup.

"The most unpleasant thing is that Russians are allowed in without any problems, there were a lot of them at the Brazil-Serbia match. In fact, Qatar does not care about the war in Ukraine," Pryhornytskyy concluded.


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