Russian propagandists showed a photo of a "liquidated Ukrainian saboteur" and epically embarrassed themselves: the picture was of a "Vagnerite"

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Russian propagandists passed off as a "liquidated saboteur in the Belgorod region" the mercenary of the Wagner PMC, killed in Bakhmut

Russian propagandists published a photo of a "liquidated saboteur in Belgorod Oblast". They assured that the man in the photo was allegedly a "Kraken fighter" and made fun of his appearance and the fact of his death.

However, it turned out that the photo was not of a Ukrainian soldier, but of a Wagner mercenary Maxim Bilevich liquidated in Bakhmut. After this became known, propagandists began to delete in droves the previously posted posts. This was brought to the attention of journalists of the Russian project ASTRA.

"Russian Z-war correspondents the day before massively spread the news about a "Kraken" fighter allegedly killed in the Belgorod region. It turned out that the photo shows a fighter of the "Wagner" PMC, who was killed near Bakhmut, and the news was sent to "war correspondents" by a Ukrainian activist. Z-admins published the information without checking it," noted in the message.

Before the truth about the identity of the man in the photo was revealed, Russian propagandists cheered wildly over his death, while commentators from Russia thought it appropriate not only to gloat, but also to mock the appearance of the murdered man. In particular, the shrewd citizens of the aggressor state saw signs of degradation in the features of the man in the photo.



However, as it turned out, Russians noticed clear signs of mental retardation in yet another "hero of Russia" - his compatriot, Wagner PMC mercenary Maxim Bilevich. The occupant was born in the Russian city of Kamensk-Uralsk, and died in one of the many "meat attacks" in Bakhmut. According to local Russian media reports, the occupant with a "degraded face," as subtly noted by the Russians, was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Black Cross of the Wagner PMC.


When the identity of the man in the photo became known, the propagandists began to tear down their posts with lightning speed. And some even tried to justify themselves for having sat in a puddle.

"Ukrainian TsIPSO carried out "large-scale" operation, put up the photo of the dead fighter of PMC "Wagner" on the major Ukrainian channels," wrote one of the bloggers of Russia Talipov, who published a post about the "Kraken fighter," and then deleted it.

However, the propagandist's lies were immediately exposed by the Ukrainians.

"No Ukrainian channel did not put up these photos, they are drawn from a to z in full, you got them in the bot, and immediately published," replied Talipov author of the channel "howiseeit".


As a reminder, it was previously reported that Russia embarrassed the "show" with the sweep of "saboteurs" in the Belgorod region. In particular, in the photos of "destroyed Ukrainian equipment" published by the Russians, they noticed irrefutable evidence that the vehicles were brought to the place of "liquidation" on purpose and were "artistically" placed on the site of the "battle" with the help of machinery.

OBOZREVATEL also reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who the day before shook "a map of Louis XV of the 17th century" to prove that "there never was any Ukraine," embarrassed himself epically . Not only did the elderly dictator fail to notice the inscription "Ukraine, land of the Kozaks" on the map, he also reminded us once again that the theses about Crimea being "originally Russian" are completely false, and that a significant part of Russia's territory did not belong to Moscow more than three centuries ago.

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