Russian propagandist claims that Russia is already fighting the "third" Ukrainian army and boasts of Russia's "successes". Video.

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Russian propagandist says Russia is already at war with "the third Ukrainian army"

Russian propagandist Dmitry Puchkov, better known by his nickname "Goblin", tried to explain Russia's protracted "blitzkrieg" in Ukraine. According to him, the "second army of the world" is stuck in the neighbouring country not because of its low combat capability, but because it is already fighting the "third Ukrainian army".

According to Goblin, Russia has already allegedly defeated the first two, while the Ukrainian railway is preventing the occupiers' final "triumph". The propagandist's feverish ramblings were pointed out on the Wind Sower Telegram channel.

"Goblin-Puchkov: Russia has already defeated three Ukrainian armies. This is a Z-psycho icon. An authoritative expert with an audience of millions. The intellectual level of others is scary to even imagine," the channel's authors commented on a fragment of Puchkov's speech published in the public domain.

In the footage, the propagandist seriously assures that Russia is not only not defeated in Ukraine, but is on the way to achieving its third "victory".

"Apparently, we are already fighting the third Ukrainian army. The first one fought with Soviet equipment that Ukraine inherited from the USSR. It didn't fight for long, because the Russian army quickly destroyed all these stocks," Goblin rants.

In his alternative reality, the "first defeated Ukrainian army" was immediately replaced by the "second".

"The second Ukrainian army fought with Soviet equipment gathered from all over Eastern Europe, slightly reinforced by Stingers, Javelins and Bayraktars. But these did not work out either: they were killed," the propagandist said.

But even these "victories" were not enough for Puchkov, so he told his audience about the battle with the "third Ukrainian army", which would have been inevitably "defeated" if not for the Ukrainian railway.

"Well, the third Ukrainian army, as we can see, is fighting with completely foreign weapons. At the same time, it is noticeable that they are being given more and more weapons, and the weapons themselves are becoming more and more powerful. And why they have not been able to destroy or at least stop the railway connection there for a year now is a very big mystery to all of us," Goblin published.

Recall that on the night of May 1, Russian troops launched a new missile attack on Ukraine. In particular, the city of Pavlohrad in the Dnipro region and neighbouring settlements were hit.

More than 100 buildings were destroyed and damaged in the Pavlohrad district, and 34 people, including children, are known to have been injured.

In total, Russia launched 18 cruise missiles at Ukraine that night, 15 of which were shot down by air defence forces.

The low effectiveness of the missile strikes and the outright terror of the Ukrainian civilian population did not prevent the Russian military leadership from boasting of "high-precision" strikes on Ukraine. They claimed that "the purpose of the strike was achieved. All designated targets have been hit. The work of enterprises that produced ammunition, weapons and military equipment for Ukrainian troops has been disrupted."

But ordinary Russians were extremely upset that after the Russian missile strikes, "not a single city had its electricity."

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