Russia stole the Ukrainian "Mavka" and announced its screening at the cinema: the creators of the cartoon reacted

Kateryna MalayLife
The Russians embarrassed themselves again

In Russia, audiences are brazenly deceived by profiteering from the novelties of foreign film distribution - the Hollywood animated film "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" and the Ukrainian "Mavka". One of the cinemas in the Russian Federation announced the screening of a film based on the drama-feud "The forest song", although it has no rights to distribute it.

The deception was part of a new scheme of shadow distribution of the terrorist country. This was stated by the creators of "Mavka" on the official Facebook page (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"One of the Russian cinemas illegally posted on its website the announcement of the premiere from Universal Pictures - "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" and indicated that it, they say, will be shown before the "Mavka" sessions. Illegally - because it, like any other movie theater in Russia, does not have permission to show Hollywood blockbusters or Ukrainian films," the post said.


According to filmmakers, Russians sell tickets to one film but show another and call it "pre-show service. Thus, unscrupulous cinema owners profit from the names of world-famous films.

"But the announcements of the screenings of our film are a dummy, because the terrorist country does not have access to our cartoon, much less the rights to distribute it. But for uncivilized country rules and laws do not exist. Steals from both us and Hollywood", - summed up the creators of "Mavka".


The filmmakers urged to consume only licensed content so as not to resemble the citizens of a terrorist country for whom rules and principles are nothing.

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