Russia is under attack by strange objects: a UFO was spotted in Moscow and a balloon was discovered in the Leningrad region. Photo.

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Russia is not letting go of its misfortunes: UFOs have reached it

The territory of Russia is more dangerous for the population. Now, not only can a sudden "pop" come there, but an unidentified flying object can even land.

The relevant footage was published by Russian Telegram channels. Thus, in the area of the Kurskaya metro station in Moscow, an unidentified spot was spotted in the sky when it was moving at a decent speed towards the region to the southeast.

It is noted that the object does not look like an alien saucer in the traditional sense, but is large enough to be seen at a great distance.


And in the Leningrad region, a local resident discovered an unusual find at his summer cottage. A sensor was attached to a balloon that responds to motion and gives a signal.


The purpose of both objects is unknown. Local experts and old-timers are at a loss to know why they were circling over Russian settlements and who launched them.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a powerful eruption of the Shiveluch volcano occurred on the Kamchatka Peninsula on the morning of April 11. Volcanic ash covered the nearest villages, and the height of the ash cloud was up to 20 kilometres.

The environmental situation in the region was deteriorating throughout the day as the ash layer grew to 10 cm. Although the local population tries to joke about it, they don't go outside without wearing chemical protection suits.

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