Russia is trying to lure men into the army with higher salaries: Britain's intelligence assessed the aggressor's plans

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Russia raises military salaries to get more new soldiers

Russia is trying to lure men into the armed forces with higher salaries. Since February 2022, they have risen from 81 to over 200,000 rubles, which is almost three times the average salary in Russia.

The increase in payments may encourage poor Russians to sign contracts, but it is unlikely that the aggressor state will be able to fulfill plans to recruit volunteers for the war with Ukraine. This was reported in the UK Ministry of Defense.

British intelligence noted that after the start of full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, Russia has been increasing the size of salaries for its servicemen.

For example, on February 4, 2022, less than a month before the invasion began, a lieutenant in the Russian army, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, received 81,200 rubles a month.

Already in October 2022, the incomes of Russian servicemen increased significantly: then Putin announced that even the privates who joined the army under mobilization would receive 195,000 rubles a month. And junior officers fighting against Ukraine receive more than 200 thousand rubles.

"This is more than 2.7 times the average salary in Russia, which is 72,851 rubles. For comparison, 2.7 times the average salary in the UK would equal more than £90,000 a year," the British defense ministry said .

The Kremlin's intentions to lure as many men as possible into the army have been attributed to the growing "profitability" of military service. And this is partly working.

"It is likely that the salary and additional payments are a strong incentive for personnel to join, especially from Russia's poorer regions. However, Russia is unlikely to meet its plans to recruit volunteers to the Russian Armed Forces," the UK Ministry of Defense stated.

We will remind, earlier Britain's intelligence explained why Russia canceled the training "West-2023". The aggressor state had several reasons for this. On the one hand, Russia's failures in the war against Ukraine have shown that joint exercises with the Russian army are of limited practical value. In addition, the Russian Federation is probably short of troops and equipment, and the Russian leadership is also afraid of criticism for conducting exercises in the middle of a war.

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