Russia destroys Red Cross warehouse with humanitarian aid in the Odesa region with missile attack. Photo.

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Russia's shelling of the Odesa region
Russia's shelling of the Odesa region

Russia used a missile attack late on May 7 to destroy warehouses in the Odesa region where the Ukrainian Red Cross Society was storing humanitarian aid. Representatives of the RC were not present at the time.

This was reported on Monday, May 8, by the organisation's press service on its official website. "As a result of a missile strike on the Odesa region, the rented warehouse of the Odesa regional organisation of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society with an area of 1000 sq m was completely destroyed," - the statement reads.

All humanitarian aid for residents of the Odesa region that was there was burned.

Fire at the facility upon arrival

As a result, the provision of material assistance and the activities of some RC projects in the Odesa region have been suspended, the press service said.

Humanitarian aid for Ukrainians destroyed
Russian missiles hit the warehouse and it caught fire
Some Red Cross projects had to be suspended
Warehouses destroyed

The explosions in the region occurred on Sunday at around 23:20. The territory was attacked by the strategic aviation of the Russian Armed Forces, launching X-22 missiles.

The South Command reported that the missiles hit a warehouse of a food company (three warehouse workers were injured, one person, a security guard, was killed) and a recreational area on the Black Sea coast.

Consequences of Russia's missile attack on the Odesa region late on May 7

According to Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat, Russia engaged seven aircraft and launched eight X-22 cruise missiles, some of which reached Odesa region. "Perhaps they are self-destructing or simply falling due to their ageing, because they are outdated Soviet missiles," he explained.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- The aggressor country Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital on the night of Monday, May 8, with 35 Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones. Air defence forces shot down all the enemy attack drones.

- The debris damaged a house, a gas pipe and a fuel tank, and people were injured. The damage was in the Solomianskyi, Sviatoshynskyi and Holosiivskyi districts.

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