Russia arrested Budanov in absentia, making even Russians laugh: the head of the DIU responds

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Budanov's criminal case is underway in Russia
Russia takes 'tough measures' against Budanov

A Moscow court has ordered the arrest of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Kyrylo Budanov, in absentia. The Ukrainian military officer was accused of "terrorism" and is under criminal investigation.

This was reported by the court's press service on April 21. Shortly afterwards, Budanov responded to the arrest in a comment to Ukrainian media.

"You know how long I've been working and it was a bit embarrassing that there were no decisions against me. I am pleased. It's a good indicator of our work, and I pledge to work even better," he laughed.

Even many Russians reacted to the news with sarcasm.

"In the third year of the 'Special Military Operation', what do you think they will do?" "Execute remotely," "Clowning around," "I'm giving Budanov a big kick in the pants! Be afraid, you'll get it one day," read the comments on one of the propaganda Telegram channels.


It should be noted that some victims of propaganda demanded revenge and more aggressive actions from the Russian Armed Forces. They probably see the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine as their personal enemy.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Earlier, the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said that Ukraine would do everything to return Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Russia, by the summer. He also noted that "everyone will see and feel the results of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the near future".

- Budanov also confirmed that our drones are capable of covering long distances. "They can fly to Moscow and beyond," the intelligence chief said.

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