Renault is preparing two electric cars for the price of Logan. Photo

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Renault Twizy will soon be phased out of production. Source: Renault

Renault Twizy production will cease in September 2023. This is the cheapest electric car of the French brand. However, the company is preparing two models to replace it, which will be no more expensive than Logan.

Auto Motor und Sport reports about it citing information from representatives of the car company. Renault Twizy has been on the conveyor belt since 2012.

The model was not in great demand for 11 years of sales. Only 33,340 copies were sold. At the same time, a large share came to buyers from France, Germany, Italy and South Korea.

The price starts from 11,400 euros. The characteristics are not impressive. The electric motor, depending on the modification, gives out from 10 to 17 hp. The small battery does not provide more than 100 km of range.


The car will be replaced by two models: the similar Renault Mobilize Duo and its "cargo" variant Mobilize Bento (luggage compartment volume of 700 liters). Prices are up to 10,000 euros. It is expected that the new electric cars will offer a range of 140 km.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Tesla electric cars may continue to reduce prices. At any rate, Elon Musk sees a lot of sense in this.

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