Refresh your home: how to get rid of the smell of old age in the house

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Dust, mold, tobacco smoke, animal odors accumulate in the house over time

You have probably noticed that in a room that has not been renovated for a long time, or at least a general cleaning with the removal of all the furniture, a characteristic unpleasant odor appears. It arises for many reasons - due to the accumulation of dust in textiles, aging of some interior materials, traces of tobacco smoke, if you smoke at home, pet odors, etc. A separate contribution to this odor can be made by mold that is imperceptible at first glance. This is called the aroma of "old age". And many people wonder how to get rid of the musty smell at home?

OBOZREVATEL has collected several tips on how to freshen the atmosphere in the house. Some need a simple investment of effort, some will require some monetary outlay. But anyone can find an affordable way.

General cleaning

The same general cleaning that involves moving furniture and scrubbing all surfaces is the fastest way to get rid of musty odors. All you'll need is a wall and floor cleaner, dusting agent and window cleaner. Everything that can be washed and washed will need to be washed and washed, wet clean all the far corners and deep shelves, and vacuum and air out the upholstered furniture. Dry the room after general cleaning is best not one day, so that fresh air, and ideally a draft, took out all the extraneous odors.

The walls and floor in such a room are better washed with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Such vinegar has a less pungent odor than its food analog, but it has similar deodorizing properties.

Cosmetic repairs

If you have a little more time and a little more money in reserve, you can make cosmetic repairs in the room. The fact is that building materials also have the property of absorbing odors. This is especially true of wallpaper. Therefore, in order to effectively get rid of the odor, it would be good to add to the general cleaning their re-gluing and fresh painting of surfaces. Also effective is the dry cleaning of furniture, carpets and decorative pillows. It is more convenient to call a dry cleaner to your home.

Scenting the room

To prevent the musty odor from returning, you can use various products that absorb foreign odors and freshen the air. These are, for example, activated charcoal or baking soda. Pour them into a wide vessel - the larger the surface of such a "deodorant", the more effective it works. It is enough to arrange several such rafts in inconspicuous places.

You can also make a natural flavoring for the house. Put in the room bowls with coffee beans or dried peels of citrus fruits. Some indoor plants, such as chlorophytum, various types of ficus and sansevierias, will also help. Also pay attention to plants that help fight household dust.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told about different ways to make home fragrances, as well as special aromatic products for the bath and toilet.

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