Referee in Brazil makes "biggest mistake in football history". Video

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The moment became the subject of heated discussion on social media

The referee of the Brazilian Cup match, Paulo Roberto Alves Junior, became the main character of the match between Tombense and Retro. The referee awarded a penalty after a collision in the Retro penalty area between two Tombense attacking players.


In the 80th minute of the match, one of the visitors' forwards accidentally stepped on his teammate's foot. The latter fell to the ground like a man crippled, writhing in great pain. The referee did not hesitate to point to the 11-metre spot kick, which was accurately converted. It was the only goal and the winner.

This decision caused a strong protest from fans, and the Brazilian championship decided to suspend the referee. The team from Pernambuco issued a statement calling the situation "the biggest mistake in the history of national football".

"He must be punished fairly for his mistake and not cause any more harm to any northeastern football team," the statement said.

In the same publication, the club's president, Laercio Guerra, thanked him for the support he received after the disagreement. In addition to the fans, the Pernambuco Football Federation (FPFPE) also spoke out in support of Retro.

"From now on, we will request that the result be cancelled and that a police investigation be carried out to try to understand the reason for this decision," he concluded.


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