Real favourites: the two zodiac signs with the best luck in love and the main loser are named

What zodiac signs are lucky in love

Not everyone is lucky in love: some people are in eternal search, while others meet a partner for life at a very early age.

It turns out that astrology can be blamed for love failures. Experts in the field have cited interesting statistics: there are two signs that are real favourites in love, but there are also outsiders.

According to astrologers, Aquarius is the least likely to find happiness in love. There is only a 40% chance that representatives of this sign will be lucky enough to meet the perfect partner. The reason is that Aquarians are psychologically mature people even at a young age.

"Aquarius love is not for the faint of heart. These people are wise beyond their years. They start a relationship as if it were a 30-year marriage, so they often skip the initial stage of admiration and passion," said psychic Inbaal Honigman.

However, it's not all bad. Astrologers say that the ideal partners for Aquarius will be practical and rational Virgos who share their values.

And on the other side of the rating is the sign that is most lucky in love. This is Taurus. Representatives of this sign are ruled by Venus.

Taurus very rarely remain alone. Being naturally calm and patient, Taurus treat their partner with respect and care. They don't like to argue, resolve conflicts quickly, and are not at all annoyed by their partner's little whims.

In second place is another sign ruled by the planet of love: Libra. These are sincere, kind, positive and friendly people. They hate conflicts, so they try to avoid sharp corners in every possible way. Libras are real diplomats. They value harmony and peace, and always strive to achieve balance. Libras pay a lot of attention to their appearance, so they are looking for a partner who matches.

Astrologers note: Taurus and Libra are not only the most lucky signs in love. Together, they make an ideal couple, showing a high level of compatibility. Libra is looking for stability, and Taurus is the most stable and reliable partner.

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