Putin hides even from his own guards: ex-FSO officer escaped and shared the dictator's acute fears for his life

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Putin panics for his life: visits to Crimea are hidden even from guards

Russian President Vladimir Putin is afraid even of his security. His visits to his numerous residences are concealed from the FSO officers guarding them.

The most interesting performances take place during his visits to the "Russian" Crimea: the appearance of Putin's arrival is created simultaneously by air, land and sea, while the coast is guarded by a special squad of divers. The secrets of "Putin-style security" were revealed in an interview with an ex-employee of the FSO Vitaly Brizhatyi with the Russian TV channel Dozhd.

Brizhatyi is now in Ecuador. He fled there after the start of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine. The man has been working in the Federal Security Service since February 2022, serving in the temporarily occupied Crimea. He told journalists about the security measures taken by Putin and high-ranking Russian officials during their visits to the occupied Ukrainian peninsula.

The former FSO officer worked as a kinesiologist before fleeing to Ecuador. His tasks included, among other things, inspecting the territory of "state houses" for explosives.

According to him, there was a lot of work.

"When the top government officials arrive, they start bringing gifts by truck. Sinologists check them. For example, Matvienko came and they gave her a TV set. Why does she need it?" a former FSO officer asked.

However, Putin's visits to Crimea are accompanied by special security measures. The dictator's visit to the Crimean summer house is concealed even from FSO employees. The dictator is accompanied exclusively by his security service, while employees in the regions are entrusted only with preparing the territory for the arrival.

"We are told that he [Putin] is there, but he may not be. He doesn't trust his guards. People may be told that he is vacationing at this summer house, but he may be somewhere else," Brizhatyi said.

The dictator's paranoia is so great that a whole spectacle usually unfolds during his arrival in Crimea. According to the former FSO officer, three helicopters fly to each of the airports on the peninsula, the Rosgvardiya and motorcades arrive, and Putin himself may arrive by sea. The coastal zone is guarded by a special squad of divers, which is located in the same building of kinesiologists.

Interestingly, such "secrecy" not only for Putin but also with other representatives of the ruling elite of the Russian Federation led to a constant operation of officials' summer houses. After all, they can come at any moment. In particular, food is regularly brought there.

Only the officials' guards and cleaners "with special access" are allowed inside the houses.

Earlier Putin accused the West of covering up Nazism in Ukraine with the ethnic Jew Zelensky. The Ukrainian president's Jewish roots seem to be bothering the "anti-Nazi" from the Kremlin, as this is not the first time he has emphasized it.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to Putin's anti-Semitic and anti-Ukrainian outburst. They called the words of the Russian president another manifestation of deep-rooted anti-Semitism of Russian elites and called on the world to strongly condemn the statements of the Russian president.

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