Probability is 90%. The psychologist named four harbingers of an imminent divorce

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The American psychologist drew attention to the things that can ruin a relationship

California psychologist Kathy Nickerson has identified four signs that will contribute to a couple's divorce in 90% of cases. They are: criticism, neglect, alienation, and stubbornness.

Even if one of these points doesn't seem too serious, the problem will be felt more acutely over time. The expert spoke about this in her blog on TikTok, where her video has garnered more than four million views (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

First of all, the psychologist warned her viewers that excessive criticism of a partner's actions, feelings, or words can make them doubt your feelings. According to her, criticism is perceived as rejection, and thus can worsen the relationship in the future.


The expert called contempt "poison for relationships", because despising your significant other and telling them about it is the same as deliberately hurting their feelings. No one will feel happy if they are constantly being told they are inferior, says Katie Nickleson.

The desire to distance oneself from relationship problems sometimes seems to be the only way to calm emotions, but in fact, "running away" from a conversation can greatly offend the interlocutor. The psychologist explained that if a partner simply walks away, we do not feel heard, we do not feel understood and approved.


Stubbornness will not be the key to reconciliation in a romantic relationship, friendship, or any other relationship. However, if strangers are not too offended by the unwillingness to listen to them, then loved ones may feel that they are talking to a "wall" and that their partner is not interested in their point of view.

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