Premium car for the poor: Buick has created a new $15,000 model

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Buick Velite 6.
Budget electric car looks modern. Source: Buick

The famous manufacturer of premium cars Buick has created a new model that even poor motorists will be able to afford. But it did not do without nuances.

The novelty was reported on the official website of the automaker. Let's start with the design. It is very modern, stylish and even somewhat elegant. The authors managed to create a neat image with smooth lines. The design fully corresponds to the premium positioning.

Buick Velite 6 is an electric car with increased ground clearance. The body length is 4673 mm with a wheelbase of 2660 mm, the width is 1817 mm and the height is 1519 mm.

The hatchback is equipped with a 177-horsepower motor and a 50.3 kWh battery. The driving range is 430 kilometers. The base price of the Buick Velite 6 is just over $15,000.

Buick Velite 6

But why is it so cheap? Well, there are nuances. First of all, this car is for the Chinese market. Buick models are very popular there because of the love of the old communist top brass for cars of this brand. Thus, the new Buick Velite 6 will be produced in thousands of copies, which affects the low price.

The second nuance also stems from the Chinese features. The car will be created from cheap materials as the concept of premium in the PRC is surprisingly broad. Therefore, buyers will get an affordable car.

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