Pity the strawberries: Ukrainians reacted with humor to the Russian missile attack on Kyiv on May 9. Photo by

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On Tuesday, May 9, in the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv, air defense forces shot down one of the missiles with which the Russian Federation attacked the capital. Its debris fell on a vegetable garden near a private house, damaging the planted strawberries, to which the Ukrainians present reacted with humor, and social media users reacted.

The corresponding photo was published by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the social network Facebook. The terrorist country can not break the strength of the spirit of our citizens.

"Kyiv. Enemy shelling. In the Goloseevsky district in the yard of a private house fell rocket debris. The fire has been extinguished. No casualties or destruction. Thanks to the air defense for their excellent work," reads the caption to the photo.


For their part, Ukrainians reacted with humor to the failed attack by the terrorist country, lamenting the crumpled strawberries crumpled by the missile wreckage.

"Just the strawberries were transferred, they shit everywhere. The rows are so straight... The air defense was great, people's houses remained intact", "The strawberries are fucked", "It's good that no one was hurt! But you can be punished for the beds!", "There are no words, they should shit everywhere, they pushed the strawberries over, the damned fascists", "The beds were pushed over! Those orcs!"


In addition, some immediately allowed what news could appear in the propaganda media of the aggressor country.

"News on the Rashti. "As pavidamlyaetsya Ukraina pagiblo svyshe 40 palunits. According to preliminary information, it was a genetically modified cultivation for further poisoning of Russian citizens," wrote user Elena.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, during the Russian air attack on Ukraine on the morning of May 9, defenders shot down a number of enemy missiles in Kyiv's airspace. As a result of the fall of their debris, there was a fire in the yard of a house in the Goloseevsky district, there is no information about the victims.

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