Pentagon dismisses 650 UFO reports as pacifiers: but one video puzzles them

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Most of the observed UFOs are of terrestrial origin

Experts from the US Pentagon have investigated more than 650 incidents involving unidentified flying objects and have come up with a verdict that ufologists will not like. In the vast majority of these videos, nothing was found that could not be explained by common phenomena or that would violate the laws of physics known to people.

These conclusions were voiced by Dr Sean M. Kirkpatrick, Director of the Anomaly Investigation and Research Office (AARO). At the same time, the Pentagon spokesman admitted that there is one video that experts are not yet able to explain.

"Only a very small percentage of UFO reports have features that can reasonably be called 'anomalous,'" Kirkpatrick said.

He noted that in most cases, UFOs exhibit characteristics common to balloons, drones or natural phenomena. The scientist claims that it is not difficult to explain them scientifically.

For example, he recalled a video shot in January 2023, the publication of which made a lot of noise online. Filmed on 15 January over South Asia, the video showed an MQ-9 drone taking infrared photos.

While another MQ-9 was in its field of view, an unidentified flying object also appeared in the frame, flying between the drones. It was not immediately possible to identify the object, so the network immediately started talking about another proof of the existence of extraterrestrial vehicles.

However, as Kirkpatrick noted, additional footage made it possible to establish that the video showed a conventional commercial aircraft.

"If you squint, it looks like an aeroplane, because it did appear to be an aeroplane," a Pentagon spokesman was quoted as saying by UniverseToday.

He also noted that most of the UFO sightings reported by the military occurred at altitudes between 4,500 and 7,700 metres. Since this is controlled airspace for military aircraft, AARO experts believe that the most likely explanation for the UFO sightings is that these objects are related to third-country spy technology, not aliens.

The experts cannot provide a more specific answer, as they are limited to data obtained directly from the military and do not have any other data that could help find an answer.

Kirkpatrick also said that in most cases, "round or spherical" objects are reported, ranging in size from one to four metres. These objects are also usually white or silver in colour, and sometimes look like "translucent metallic" objects.

Sometimes observers claim that such UFOs simply hover in the sky, or even reach speeds twice the speed of sound.

However, experts have not found any signs of extraterrestrial activity or objects that contradict or transcend the laws of physics.

"If sufficient scientific data is ever obtained to show that the UFO sighting can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin, we stand ready to work with our interagency partners at NASA to properly inform the US government of our findings," the Pentagon spokesman said.

At the same time, he spoke about one video that still has no scientific explanation from experts. This is an incident that was recorded in the Middle East on July 12, 2022.

Then an MQ-9 drone recorded a bullet-shaped object flying over a military base.

It is still under investigation and remains unidentified. Here is the video:

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL also reported that a huge red UFO was filmed over Italy. Later it turned out that it was a natural phenomenon.

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