"'Penis prevented from finishing the jumps": world champion from Russia lashes out at Americans, calling Russia a "great country"

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Zhulin insulted American figure skaters

World ice dancing champion and ex-husband of Ukraine's traitor Tatyana Navka, Alexander Zhulin, spoke inappropriately and dismissively of American figure skaters. The former athlete did not like the criticism of his words that there could not be a doping system in Russia.

In an interview with the propaganda channel Match TV, Zhulin showed complete disrespect for the human person. He made insults to Adam Rippon and Ashley Wagner, whom he ordered not to even open their mouths about anything related to the aggressor country.


"We found someone to ask for an opinion about us. This Eva Rippon is a boy whose penis prevented him from completing his jumps, so he never completed them and achieved nothing. If he had an operation in time, called himself Eva Rippon, he would have skated much better in women's singles. The second girl, Ashley Wagner, is also offended by God. She skated great, but she couldn't jump, couldn't spin. Naturally, they hate Russians who spin athletes. These two people are not the cream of society to have the right to judge anything about figure skating and our great country. That's why I don't give a sh*t about their opinion," said Zhulin.


Earlier, he threw a tantrum over the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) recommendations regarding the admission of Russians to the competition, saying that "we are being mocked like some kind of guinea pigs".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the top scorer in the history of Russian football and the national team, Alexander Kerzhakov, spoke out against the war in Ukraine.

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