Operation "Wild Bees" adjusted: Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian equipment near the Kreminna-Svatove road with precision strikes. Video.

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Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian equipment near the Kreminna-Svatove road with precision strikes

In the Luhansk region, Ukrainian troops continue to destroy equipment and personnel of the Russian occupation army. Another unit of enemy armoured vehicles was eliminated in the area of the Kreminna-Svatove road.

The soldiers adjusted the attack with the help of aerial reconnaissance. This was reported by the 1st Separate Ivan Bohun Special Forces Brigade. Ivan Bohun Special Forces Brigade (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Soldiers of the "Wild Bees" aerial reconnaissance unit adjusted the operation to destroy Russian armoured vehicles.

The enemy vehicle was hit with a precision strike, which turned the infantry fighting vehicle into a pile of burning scrap metal.

"The operation was adjusted by the fighters of the special aerial reconnaissance unit "Wild Bees" of the 518th separate brigade of the 1st separate brigade of the Ivan Bohun Special Forces," the statement said.


Recall that Russian troops continue to suffer heavy losses near Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast. This is evidenced by footage from the occupied territories.

Earlier it was reported that the Alga battalion from Kazan was almost completely eliminated near Vuhledar. The Russian command intends to accuse the survivors of desertion.

According to experts, the Russian occupation forces have lost the initiative on the battlefield in the Luhansk region. Having accumulated resources but not launched active offensive actions, the enemy regularly suffers losses under the fire pressure of the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, Russian troops have lost more than 6,800 armoured vehicles and 595 aircraft with helicopters. However, the enemy has suffered the greatest losses in manpower - as of March 23, 168,150 Russian soldiers and officers have been killed.

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