Often confused: why there are three compartments in the washing machine tray

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Lifehacks for washing in the machine

Washing machines are indispensable in everyday life and, it would seem, there is no need to read operating instructions. Everything is simple - you need to load things into the drum, add detergent and turn on the desired mode. However, as it turned out, and with this there are often problems.

For example, the tray has three compartments, and often we do not even think about why so many. We pour the powder at random - and turn on the washing cycle. OBOZREVATEL analyzed why you should pay attention, in which compartment to add powder, and in which - conditioner, and why you need the third container at all.

The compartments in the tray should be used as intended. Usually they are marked with numbers or letters, an asterisk or a flower. The order of their placement depends on the brand of the device.

Arabian numeral 1, Roman I or letter A designate the compartment intended for soaking or prewashing. This step is necessary for the effective removal of outdated stains. The fabric swells and stretches, so dirt quickly moves away from the fibers.

If you have chosen a wash cycle that does not include a soak stage, do not fill the first compartment with powder or liquid detergent. Some cycles have two stages, in which case the A compartment must be filled with detergent.

The compartment marked with the number 2 (II) or the letter B is the main compartment. It should be filled with powder regardless of the selected mode.

Conditioners, rinses or other additional washing agents should be poured into the compartment marked with a "star" or "flower". You can add conditioner during the process - the main thing is to catch it before the machine starts to draw water for rinsing.

What happens if you mix up the compartments? Everything is simple: the machine can wash things with conditioner, and rinse them with powder.

The hardest thing to wash off is greasy stubborn stains that are deeply absorbed into the fibers. Even after several wash cycles, the problem may remain unsolved. What unusual ingredient, known for its hygroscopic properties, can cope with greasy stains - read in the material.

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