Occupiers launched missiles and drones at Kyiv, all targets were shot down by air defense forces: the falling debris caused a fire

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Explosions were heard in Kyiv during the air-raid alert

Powerful explosions er upted in Kyiv on the morning of May 18, when an alert was issued across the country due to an air attack by the Russian Federation. Air defenses in the region worked to perfection, but falling debris from downed enemy targets led to fires and a number of damages..

The Kiev city military administration reported that sky defenders were repelling another Russian attack. At the same time, residents of the region urged not to record it on camera (to see photos of the aftermath of the attack, scroll to the end of the news).

"Air defense is working. Stay calm! Stay in shelters until the air raid is called off!" - noted in the department, adding that the distribution of audiovisual content with air defense work is punishable by the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It should be noted that several powerful explosions were heard one after another by residents of the capital region after 05:00. At that time, the air-raid alarm, which had been sounded several times since Wednesday evening, lasted for more than three hours.


At 05:18, Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko said that the explosions were in the Darnytsky and Dniprovsky districts, where all necessary services had already been dispatched, and later added that there were probably no casualties. For his part, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, Sergiy Popko, clarified that it was about the falling debris of downed Russian missiles or drones.

A photo of rescuers liquidating the consequences of an enemy attack on the capital was posted online: they were extinguishing the debris of a Russian missile.


The Kyiv City Military Administration chief noted that this was the ninth air attack on the capital since the beginning of May. The attack was carried out by the enemy from strategic bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-160 from the Caspian Sea area, probably with cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type. After their launch, the occupiers also sent their reconnaissance drones toward the Ukrainian capital.

"According to preliminary information, all enemy targets in the airspace of Kyiv were detected and destroyed! Final data on the number, type of missiles and UAVs will soon be reported by the Air Force," Popko wrote.


He added that the falling debris occurred in Desnyansky and Darnitsky districts of the capital. The biggest damage was in Darnytskyi district, where there was a fire in the territory of a garage cooperative. The fire was extinguished there.

In other districts, debris can also fall on parked cars, the territory adjacent to the house or a forest park area. Fortunately, as of 06:30, no injuries had been reported.

"Operational summary data is being compiled and refined. Once again, thank you to our air defense for saving lives! Stay tuned for more reports. Strictly adhere to safety rules when declaring an air alert!" - said the chief.


According to media reports, the remains of downed rockets damaged a car in a garage cooperative in Poznyaky with a fire. At the same time, the blast wave blew out the window panes of apartments in Bortnichi.


Police officers inspected the areas where the debris fell and recorded the damage. As of 08:20 there was no significant damage and no injuries.

"Russia again tried to hit our capital with missiles. Thanks to the professional actions of the AFU air defense soldiers, the enemy's plans once again failed," said Andriy Nebitov, head of the Kyiv region police.


He published photos of burning Russian missiles and asked Ukrainians to always observe air-raid safety measures. He urged: in case of finding rocket fragments, UAVs and other unknown objects, not to touch them in any case, but to report to the special line "102", to restrict access of unauthorized persons to the place of the incident if possible and to wait for the arrival of special services.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, during missile and drone strikes in Ukraine, the enemy monitors on YouTube air defense work through surveillance cameras. In particular, after the shelling on May 16, the Russians posted a video of the air defense work in Kyiv.

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