Occupiers killed Red Book animals in the Askania Nova reserve. Photo.

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They posted photos on the social network to brag about their "achievements"

The Russian occupiers have once again shown their terrible guts. Russian war criminals have killed Red Book animals in the Askania-Nova reserve.

The relevant information was posted on Telegram. The occupiers themselves posted a photo on the social network to brag about their "achievements" (to view the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

In the photo, the war criminals of the terrorist state appeared with dead roes. The animals had various wounds on their bodies.

The occupiers held the animals by their legs, one of the roes was held upside down, while smiling fiercely at the camera.

The Russian military once again proved that they are actually worse than the wildest animals.

Ukrainians reacted to what they saw online with tears in their eyes. People cursed the Russians and wished them an even worse death than those animals.

"You bastards are finished! To be slaughtered like this together with your families!", "God, our poor Askania-Nova", "Drive these creatures away from our animals", "Dear Askania-Nova, poor animals, and what for? Are they Nazis too? I hate you Rashists to the last drop of blood", "F*cking savages", "Nightmare. Our reserve", "I hope they will be in their place", "Even their uniforms look like homeless people, Jesus.... Animals", "How painful... How can they be such animals, I can't stand it, it just breaks my heart. I love animals so much, I just can't," the Ukrainians wrote.


Some Ukrainians threatened the occupiers with Konotop witches and the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "The same will happen to you. Konotop witches know their job. Just wait", "We will be waiting for the same photos of our guys when they are holding the same slaughtered Russian gifts".

Others also expressed a desire to mock the Russian military: "I hate it, if there were torture chambers for Russians, I would work there. I hate the bastards".


And the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that, on the contrary, they were trying their best to save innocent animals: "On the contrary, we leave everyone in the position of animals that need even food and care, I can't even tell you what vile creatures they are, they have no right to exist in this life!"


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, in the summer of 2022, the military of the Russian occupation army seized the Askania Nova Institute of Steppe Livestock in the Kherson region. The tricolour was hung on the building, and the institute's guards and some scientists agreed to cooperate with the occupiers.

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