Not just Persian: which cats have the longest hair

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Cats with long hair

People with a tendency to allergies should not get pets with too fluffy a coat. Moulting is a natural process, but proper care will make it less noticeable.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that sphynxes also molt. They don't have fur, but they do molt their skin, which begins to peel off - these scales can also cause allergies. The Scotsman compiled a ranking of the longest-haired cats.

Persian Cat

Of course, the Persian cat tops the list. Representatives of this breed shed regardless of the time of year. "Persians" need to be combed out daily with a special brush, otherwise the hair will start to clump together in lumps.


Manx Cat (Menx)

Manxs are cute tailless cats that love human companionship and will make a great companion for those who have the time and patience to give them the attention they need. Manxs are very intelligent and easy to train.


Maine Coon

Giant Maine Coons are the largest domestic cats. They have very thick and long fur that is constantly shedding.



Gentle, companionable, playful and friendly LaPerms have one unpleasant feature - their wavy fur is constantly shedding. Be prepared for daily house cleaning and hair combing if you decide to choose this breed as a pet.



Pixie-bob have different lengths of fur: they can be either too fluffy or short-haired. Regardless of fur length, however, Pixie-bob shed unbearably.



Calm, lazy, and friendly, the Ragamuffin has a long coat of varied shades. The Ragamuffin was bred after crossing a redgolly with a mongrel cat.


Japanese Bobtail

This is one of the most social breeds. Bobtails are very playful, active, sociable, though somewhat naughty cats.


Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats, like Tibetan sages, love peace and quiet. Outwardly, they can be confused with Persian cats. They have long hair and like to sleep on couches - so you have to clean more often.


Burmese cat

The Burmese cat has a very long, silky and soft coat. It is a pleasant, playful and social breed that loves to play with children.


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