Three foods that will keep avocados fresh for days

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Onion, lemon juice and oil will help keep the cut avocado green

Avocados have earned the reputation of a superfood due to their high content of nutrients and healthy fats. However, the fruit is not recommended for large portions due to its high-calorie content. Here's the problem: if you eat only half of it, how do you save the other half?

A life hack has been spreading on social media recently that recommends dipping the cut fruit in water and putting it in the fridge. Allrecepies decided to check this recommendation, and it turned out that it could even be dangerous. The blog's experts gave three tips on how to store a cut avocado in the refrigerator.

Why not in the water?

As it turned out, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously warned against storing avocados in water as it creates an environment for the growth of bacteria that live on the surface of the fruit. Even dangerous listeria and salmonella, which can cause severe food poisoning, can be found there.

To get rid of these pathogens, you need to at least boil the product, which has a bad effect on the taste of avocados. It also destroys its pleasant creamy texture.

Foods that will help keep the cut avocado green

There is no great danger if the avocado flesh darkens. The dark pigment called melanin is formed in the fruit under the influence of oxygen from the air. Nevertheless, the brown color of the fruit seems unappetizing to many people. To prevent this, you just need to protect the flesh from oxidation. Here are three foods that will help with this.

  • Onions

Internet experts advise placing a cut avocado in an airtight container with onion rings and placing it with the cut side up so that the flesh does not come into contact with the spicy vegetable. The onion juice vapor should protect the product from darkening. The blog's experts kept the avocado in this way for 5 days and it did not darken. At the same time, the fruit hardly changed its taste. However, it is best to use such an avocado for making sandwiches or guacamole, not desserts.

  • Lemon juice

The essence of this life hack is that the citric acid in the juice should protect the avocado from oxidation. You don't need a large amount of liquid: just sprinkle the slice with lemon or lime juice, put the avocado in an airtight container and refrigerate. This will keep the flesh green for up to three days, and then it will start to darken. Do not be afraid of the lemon flavor that will appear in the avocado. These flavors go well together.

  • Oil

Even a thin layer of oil will protect the flesh of the fruit from oxidation as it blocks the air. Of course, avocado oil is the ideal choice, but olive oil or refined sunflower oil will also work. Before putting the cut fruit in the refrigerator, simply brush the cut surface with fat and place the fruit in an airtight container. This avocado withstood the five-day test perfectly. Moreover, the oil did not affect its taste in any way.

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