Not 90 degrees: the best temperature for washing bed linen

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Not 90 degrees: the best temperature for washing bed linen

Bed linen should be washed regularly, ideally once a week. Overnight, dead skin cells, grease, sweat, viruses, bacteria and dust mites accumulate on the bed.

The most common mistake when washing sheets and pillowcases is setting the temperature too high. Experts say that 90 degrees will not speed up or improve the cleaning process. What is the optimal temperature for washing bed linen, told the Express.

Cleaning experts from Fantastic Services emphasised that dust mites and their by-products cause the most problems. These microscopic insects are the cause of allergies and skin rashes. They are present in almost every home, and it is not necessary that there is visible dirt on the surfaces. It is very difficult to get rid of dust mites, and some experts say that it is impossible.

"Dust mites live exclusively on dead skin cells, so there are too many of them in beds and on bed linen. Their number can reach many thousands," the experts said.

Regularly washing bed linen for a while will help reduce the number of dust mites. You should follow a few simple steps.

Check the label

Don't ignore the care instructions on the label. According to experts, the best temperature for washing bed linen is between 30 and 40 degrees.

Filling the drum

One of the myths of economical washing is to fill the drum as full as possible: this is supposedly how you can save money and not have to switch on the machine twice. However, do not overload the appliance too much. Not only will this not improve the quality of the wash, but it can also lead to breakdowns. Experts have warned that "sheets get cleaner if they have plenty of room to move in the washing machine".

The right settings

Some washing machines have special settings for washing bed linen. Otherwise, use the settings indicated on the label.

Separate washing

Do not wash delicate fabrics together with coarser fabrics, such as towels. It is important to remember that towels can damage the sheets, as thicker fabrics will cause friction, which can lead to tearing or ripping of delicate fabrics.


Excessive amounts of detergent can damage the fibres, making bed linen wear out faster.

By the way, the currently popular bio-powders contain special enzymes that lose their effect at temperatures above 30 °C.

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