"No one can understand what's going on": the media told about Lukashenko's condition and put forward the main version

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The media made a new assumption about Lukashenko's condition

Belarus continues to speculate about the unknown illness of self-proclaimed leader Alexander Lukashenko. They do not rule out that the rapid deterioration of his health may be connected with poisoning.

This is reported by one of the Belarusian anti-war Telegram-channels. The journalists refer to sources in Minsk.

"Two sources have confirmed to us that Lukashenko is in a very bad condition and no one can understand what's going on with him," the report says.

They note that, until recently, the health of the unrecognized president of Belarus caused no concern.

On the contrary, the Belarusian dictator has often boasted that he is "healthy as an ox" and led an active life.

It is noted that the politician regularly underwent medical examinations, so he, according to journalists, can have neither neglected cancer, nor severe heart problems.

"There is an increasing suspicion of poisoning by an unknown substance," pointed out the media to the alleged main reason for Lukashenka's sickly appearance.


Recall: Lukashenko was suspected of being unwell on May 9, when he attended a parade in Moscow. Then the politician could not walk 300 meters, and before the banquet, to which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invited his distinguished guests, he hastily left the Kremlin accompanied by an ambulance. Later, Minsk even cancelled the traditional speech of the self-proclaimed head of the republic at the time.

A Ukrainian military expert suggested that the Belarusian leader was really sick. He also expressed the belief that Putin is agitated because of Lukashenko's condition and is expecting an urgent takeover of Belarus by Russia.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, first deputy chairman of the Russian Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin said recently that he knows what exactly Lukashenko is sick with.

What was the catalyst for the rapid deterioration of the health of the Belarusian dictator is not specified, but the media say that he has serious problems with the endocrine system and the heart.

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