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McGowan changed her image
McGowan had a makeover

To miss at least one episode of Charmed in the 2000s was considered a crime. Prue, Paige, Phoebe and Peyper were nationwide favorites, on which all girls wanted to be like.

Actress Rose McGowan, in the series Paige, has now changed dramatically. Her career was put on pause by a terrible accident, because of which McGowan had to undergo many operations. OBOZREVATEL tells about how the fate of the celebrity.

The actress wears a short haircut


Success in the career McGowan overshadowed and problems in his personal life. In love, the actress was not lucky. Rose for some time met with Marilyn Manson - an epathetic rock singer, then was in a relationship with director Robert Rodriguez. Rose married artist Davy Detail, but the relationship ended in a collapse. The couple divorced after two years of marriage.

McGowan is bisexual

McGowan is now 49 years old and there is little of Paige from Charmed left in her appearance. In 2007, the actress was in a car accident that changed her face forever.

The celebrity was wearing glasses and as a result of the impact, the glass severely damaged her skin. Subsequently, she ventured into plastic surgery where surgeons worked on her eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows. Because of the tragedy, the career of the actress was in jeopardy and McGowan did not go out in public for several years. Recently, Rose started a relationship with a girl named Sienna.

What Charmed look like now

The celebrity in the TV series Charmed was a brown-haired girl with expressive eyes and a wide smile. Now McGowan has cut her hair short and dyed it blonde. She has chubbier cheeks, a noticeable rhinoplasty and a facelift.

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