No longer in fashion: four shoe models will become the main anti-trend of winter 2023. Photo.

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OBOZREVATEL talks about the anti-trends of winter

Winter footwear must perform several key functions: keep you warm, protect you from moisture underfoot and stand firmly on icy conditions. However, such an essential list of requirements does not mean that a pair of winter shoes cannot look stylish.

However, trends change every year, taking with them the once fashionable models into oblivion. OBOZREVATEL has collected 4 popular options that are better to give up in the winter of 2023 (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

High heeled boots have become one of the main anti-trends this season. No matter how sophisticated your long, slender legs look, it's better to be careful and stock up on flat-soled shoes in winter.


Another trend that has fallen into oblivion is the overdecorated uggs. Minimalism is always advantageous and stylish, while sequins, pendants and patterns quickly get boring and are difficult to combine with clothes.


It is also better to get rid of ski boots in your wardrobe. Today, rough lace-up boots will become a more relevant model, which will protect your feet from moisture and cold just as well.


In 2022, fashionistas went crazy for metallic colours, so they bought unusual puffy boots in a stylish shade. However, this season, softer colours will look more relevant.


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