No Life Line, No Heart Line: A chiromancer analyses Putin's handprint. Photo.

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A chiromancer analyses Putin's handprint

Astrologer and numerologist Igor Mekheda has analysed a photo of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's palm, which clearly shows almost all the lines. According to the expert, the Russian president has no Heart line, no Life line, no Mind line.

Mekheda wrote about this in a blog post for OBOZREVATEL. In addition, the dictator who started the war against Ukraine has eight lines of Fate. However, even they are confused and create chaos.

"What can I say? There is no Life line at all, it has been erased. The line of the Heart is also missing. The line of the Mind is also missing. There are several lines of Fate (8) and they are tangled together, creating complete chaos," he wrote.


Mekheda also noted that most medieval chiropractors would say that this is not a human palm, but a humanoid creature that could be controlled by negative otherworldly forces.

"Or, given the absence of the Life Line, not to exist at all," the astrologer added.

The expert also noted that magicians, alchemists, and astrologers of the Middle Ages believed that the palm lines reflected the influence of the celestial bodies of the natal star chart, so the palm can be read in the same way as a star chart.

Earlier, astropsychologist Valentina Wittrock noted that Putin is hiding his real date and time of birth. His natal chart has been rewritten, which explains why the state security officer managed not only to become the head of the Kremlin but also to retain power by committing atrocious crimes.

According to her, Putin's natal chart, a kind of diagram drawn up taking into account the position of the celestial bodies at the time of birth, was rewritten by the Kremlin astrologer Vadim Levin. It was he who knew the secret of the Kremlin leader and died under mysterious circumstances in 2014.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the network noticed nuances in Putin's appearance during his speech at the Luzhniki Stadium. The public said that it was not the real head of the Kremlin, but his double.

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