Never use these fertilisers: unnecessary costs that have no effect on the crop

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Not all garden life hacks from the Internet are equally useful

Homemade fertilisers can be a good way to fertilise plants in the garden. But, as with any information from the internet, you need to be very careful with recipes. Some life hacks and tips can even be harmful.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of home-made fertilisers that will not do plants any good. And they can even be dangerous. Even though they are natural and seem to be a good alternative to factory fertilisers.


The shell itself does contain a lot of calcium carbonate, which is useful for the soil. The problem is that the solid substance decomposes slowly and releases the substance to the ground too slowly. Therefore, there will be practically no benefit from such fertilisation. The only way to get at least some visible benefit from the shell is to grind it into a fine powder. It is almost impossible to get the right quality by hand.

Banana peel

As with any organic fertiliser based on plant parts, the problem with banana peels is that it is absolutely impossible to calculate exactly how many nutrients they contain. Therefore, the effectiveness of such fertilisation is quite unpredictable. In addition, bananas, like any fruit that is transported over long distances, are treated with a large number of chemicals to prevent pests and spoilage. These chemicals can leach into the soil and may not be very beneficial for the crop.


There will be little benefit from watering plants with iodine. They do not need a significant amount of this substance and get enough of it directly from the ground.

Baking soda

This alkaline agent can significantly affect the composition of the soil, making it less acidic, which plants are less likely to like. Therefore, it is better to refrain from using baking soda as a fertiliser.

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