NASA has admitted that UFOs can hover in the Earth's atmosphere, but there is one "but"

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Objects in a bright starry sky, red sprites or meteor balls are often mistaken for UFOs. Source: NASA/OBOZREVATEL collage

NASA believes that "potentially unknown alien technologies" may well be present in the Earth's atmosphere, but there is simply no evidence to prove or disprove their existence. The biggest problem is that most UFO sightings have too few details to reliably determine what the witness was dealing with.

This is stated in the report of the NASA space agency, which for the first time published the results of its research on UFO sightings. According to the BBC, the report consists of 36 pages of quite technical and scientific observations.

Assistant Administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate Nicola Fox said that "UFOs are one of the biggest mysteries on our planet," and the main reason for this is the lack of high-quality data.

In particular, she said that despite numerous reports of UFO sightings, there is a lack of data that "can be used to draw definitive scientific conclusions about the nature and origin of UFOs."

It is this database that the new director of UFO research (whose name is not being disclosed so that he will not be persecuted by supporters or opponents of UFO theories - Ed.) This is planned to be achieved by using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the process of collecting and analyzing data. This includes "open-source smartphone apps" and other metadata from smartphones from "numerous citizen observers from around the world."

As you know, there is currently no standardized system for collecting and organizing observer reports, which "leads to scattered and incomplete data."

In their report, NASA researchers emphasized that they were unable to find any evidence that aliens were behind the unexplained phenomena, but the agency cannot rule out this possibility.

The report's summary states that "there is no basis for concluding" that extraterrestrial sources are behind the unidentified aircraft. However, if it is indeed aliens, they would have to have crossed our solar system, which means they can be found among the data obtained by ground-based observatories that monitor the sky.

"However, if we accept this (the existence of UFOs - Ed.) as a possibility, then these objects would have to have traveled through our solar system to get here," the report says.

NASA does not make any conclusions about whether extraterrestrial life can exist, but does not rule out the possibility of the existence of "potential unknown alien technology operating in the Earth's atmosphere."

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL also reported that NASA and the Pentagon recognized the anomaly of spherical UFOs flying "all over the world." They also noted that 650 verified reports of UFOs turned out to be pacifiers.

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