Napkins instead of make-up, manicure with their own hands and hairstyles blindly: Ukrainian defenders showed how they take care of themselves on the frontline

Kateryna MalayLife
Ukrainian heroines show how to take care of themselves on the front line

Ukrainian defenders, who bravely defend the freedom and independence of their people in the war against the Russian occupiers, do not forget about their appearance even in the field. The beauties have to find original ways out of difficult situations, use improvised means and often act blindly to take care of themselves.

Ukrainian women do their manicures, hairstyles and skin cleansing right on the spot, using a minimum of time. The defenders shared videos of their beauty treatments on social media (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

In one of the popular videos, the Ukrainian Armed Forces heroine showed that her "beauty salon" is a shelled position near a small house.


There she did her own gel polish manicure, holding an ultraviolet lamp on her knee. In another shot, the defender showed that she uses wet wipes as make-up on the frontline, and brushes her teeth in the open air with a cup.


Another Ukrainian woman with long red hair answered a question from her followers about whether it was difficult for her to perform combat missions with such thick hair.

She demonstrated that she blindly braided her hair and then tied it up with a headphone cord.


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