"My great pain!" Russian tourist complains about Russophobia and "lousy service" in Georgia

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Russian woman complains about her vacation in Georgia

Citizens of the terrorist country continue to sincerely wonder why they are not welcome abroad, and Russian tourists are especially irritated by the way they are treated in Georgia. Obviously, Russians believe that the Georgian lands occupied by Russia are not enough reason for Georgians to dislike them.

Thus, one of the tourists from Russia complained about Russophobia in Georgia. Moreover, the Russian woman had the audacity to express her dissatisfaction with the service in the country. She was quoted by the propagandistic Russian media.

The Russian citizen complained that the prices in Georgian restaurants and cafes are simply "outer space". According to her observations, this became even more pronounced after the lari exchange rate rose.

"Those who came here a year ago changed currency at the rate of 24 rubles per lari, and now the rate is about 38 rubles. In addition, the country has its own inflation. So now everything here is very expensive - from groceries to lunches, dinners in restaurants, fitness club memberships and beauty treatments," the Russian woman decided to cry.

The "poor thing" said that she spends more than 1.2 thousand rubles on breakfast in a cafe, and all of two thousand on dinner.

"At the same time, you get lousy service for the same money you pay in Moscow. Very rarely does the staff in the institutions behave in a friendly manner towards Russians. And this applies to places of any level," said a citizen of the aggressor country, which unleashed a war in Georgia in 2008.

Earlier, a video of street musicians (probably Russians) in Georgia singing Russian songs was posted online. One of the local residents, who apparently strongly condemns the occupation policy of the Russian Federation and does not want to listen to the music of the terrorist country at home, did not like it. He tried to stop the street concert of Russian performers.

OBOZREVATEL also wrote that Lufthansa refused to fly a Russian woman because of her citizenship. She threw a tantrum on social media.

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