Mountain resorts for summer vacations: where to find the best scenery

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Mountain resorts for summer vacations: where to find the best scenery

Why go to the mountains in summer? This absolutely logical at first glance question many tourists have. And we answer: for hiking, breathtaking scenery, clear lakes, waterfalls and silence. The best place for this would be the European mountain resorts.

Tatra Mountains (Poland)

This mountain range is adored by hikers. It is ideal for hiking, as it has both easy and very difficult routes. All of them lie in the middle of incredibly beautiful nature.

By the way, here is a "twin" of Ukrainian Synevyr - Polish Sea Eye. From all sides of this amazing body of water is surrounded by forests and mountains, and the water in it is cold even in summer.

If you like active rest, in the Tatras you can go horseback riding, mountain climbing, rock climbing, biking and paragliding. Besides, there are a lot of caves that you can walk in. But we advise you to hire a guide so that you do not get lost in the caves.

For those who like a quiet holiday, there are spa treatments, wellness centers and quiet walks in the national park.


Matterhorn (Switzerland)

The Swiss Alps are popular with tourists at any time of year. And among them stands out the Matterhorn, at which hundreds of thousands of tourists are photographed every year. What is so special about it? First of all - it is almost perfectly right triangular shape. And also its top is constantly covered by a snow cap, even in the hot summer.

The hike up this mountain is one of the most picturesque in the world. It winds its way through green glades and forests with views of the Alps. It lasts from a few hours to several days, depending on the program that you choose.

At the foot of the Matterhorn is the village of Zermatt. Here you will find cozy cottages, small hotels, restaurants with local cuisine, bathhouses and saunas.


Grossglockner (Austria)

This mountain range is nicknamed "the roof of Austria" by the locals. The fact is that the highest mountain in the country, the Grossglockner, is surrounded by 266 small peaks. From afar it resembles some kind of hat.

Here you can find many activities for the whole family: ride quad bikes or mountain bikes, walk the High Tauern National Park, go on a multi-day hike. In addition, there are many spas in the region where you can rest your body and soul.

If you venture up the high alpine road, you can visit the Kaiser Franz Josef Peak tourist center with a movie theater and panoramic room, the Museum of Alpine Nature, the High Gate and many interesting sights.


Chamonix-Montblanc (France)

Chamonix is the highest mountain in the Alps. People come here first and foremost for the incredible hiking. The routes extend through lawns, forests and have many interesting stops. The local mountain trails have long been a tourist destination, so there are dozens of hotels and restaurants nearby.

Many foreigners decide to stay near Mont Blanc not even for the activity. They settle in the picturesque town of Mont Blanc, taste delicious delicacies, visit museums, concert halls and taste real French wine. And all this with a view of the high mountains.


The Dolomites (Italy)

The Dolomite Alps, located in southern Italy, can impress anyone with its beauty. This picturesque corner of the protected area is incredibly popular among tourists.

This destination offers several types of holidays. The most popular of them is a day trip to the mountains from the town of Bolzano. During this time, tourists are guided by the easiest hiking route, where there are many sights and souvenir stores.

Another option is to take the 20-kilometer circular road with beautiful views. It is a very fascinating experience.

And, of course, there are many heavier trails for hikers and trekkers.


Pyrenees (France)



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