More than once a month: experts explained how to carry out general cleaning

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Monthly general cleaning is a way to quickly hate tidying up, it's better to do everything gradually

Doing a general cleaning once a month is a way to quickly run out of energy, hate tidying up, and start to procrastinate this type of work. Therefore, cleaning experts advise to abandon this idea altogether and distribute the work so that you can do something simple at regular intervals and thus easily maintain order at home.

OBOZ.UA asked what the frequency of cleaning should be and in what order attention should be paid to different parts of the house. The result is a list of different tasks, divided by frequency.


Kitchen and bathroom floor care

Sweep the kitchen every day to get rid of crumbs and wipe it with a damp cloth to remove grease or liquid stains. Mop up any spills from the floor in the bathroom after each use. This prevents the formation of mold.

Wipe down countertops

Porous natural stone countertops can grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. To prevent this problem, keep all your surfaces dry and clean. Use soapy water or a safe detergent once a day, and then wipe the countertop dry.

Every few days

Cleaning sinks and bowls

Regular preventive maintenance is the best way to keep not only the plumbing fixtures but also the drains in the bathroom and kitchen sink clean. Remove the strainer from the drain, clean it of debris, and pour a few liters of hot water into the pipe. This will be enough.

Cleaning up scattered items

It is difficult to keep things clean if there are many different things scattered on the surfaces and floor. Therefore, every few days, "raid" the rooms and put the scattered items back in their places. Hang up clothes in the closet, put dishes in the sink, put books on the shelves, put toys in a box, etc. It won't take much time if you do it regularly.


Carpet and floor care

How often do you need to clean your carpet? If you take off your shoes when you come in from the street, don't smoke in the house, and don't have any shaggy pets, vacuuming is enough once a week. Otherwise, it is better to increase the frequency. Vacuum all surfaces, thoroughly treat the carpet, and then mop the floor.

Cleaning showers, bathtubs, and toilets

Moisture often stagnates in the bathroom, leading to mold growth on grout, tiles, and shower curtains. Thorough cleaning with appropriate chemicals once a week will help to avoid this problem. The appearance of unpleasant odors from plumbing will also be avoided.

Washing bedding

Although the actual frequency of bedding washing depends on many conditions, such as the time of year, what clothes you sleep in, and whether you have pets sharing your bed, experts say that changing and washing the bedding once a week is the best option.


Wiping off the dust

If dust does not accumulate at an accelerated rate in your home, it can be cleaned once a month for accessible areas and every three to six months for difficult surfaces such as top shelves, door frames, etc. Be sure to use a damp cloth as simply wiping the surface dry will redistribute dust throughout the house. Wipe the dust from top to bottom.

Cleaning microwaves and dishwashers

Frequently used kitchen appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers need to be cleaned once a month to keep them working properly. Wipe down the oven cavity and run it on a long program with a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda inside to remove grease and odors. Clean the filter and wash the inside of the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher on an empty cycle with a special detergent to descale the inside.

Several times a year

Cleaning pantries and cabinets

Every few months, "audit" your inventory. Get rid of expired food, household chemicals, and cosmetics, donate unnecessary clothes, and give away unnecessary items. Cleaning closets and pantries ensures that unwanted pests do not damage clothing, spoil food, or cause other troubles.

Cleaning ovens and washing machines

Purchase a specially formulated washing machine cleaner and use it according to the instructions. Take the time to remove all the burnt fat inside the oven. This will extend the life of this useful appliance.


Clean your lighting fixtures

Once a year, set aside a day to clean all the lighting fixtures in your home like cleaning the shades and wiping down the bulbs. It may sound overly meticulous, but you'll be surprised at how much light is stolen by dust on these fixtures.

Collecting dust from curtains and upholstery

Washing your curtains and deep cleaning your upholstery not only gets rid of dust and particles stuck in the folds. Textiles also absorb odors over time, so it is useful to keep them fresh with an annual general cleaning.

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