Ministry of Sport calls UAF "critical to the life of the population" and exempts it from mobilisation

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The relevant decree is published on the website of the Ministry

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has exempted employees of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) from mobilisation for the duration of martial law. The Ministry of Youth and Sports published the relevant order on its website.

The text defines the UAF as a union that "is critical to the functioning of the economy and the livelihoods of the population during a special period". This allows for the avoidance of mobilisation of employees subject to military service.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the lawyer explained whether the territorial centre for recruitment and social support could refuse to approve the reservation of a person liable for military service for various reasons.

It should be noted that even citizens who were removed from the military register in peacetime may be served with mobilisation notices in Ukraine.

Also OBOZREVATEL told about how to get a deferment of conscription during mobilization and what to do if the Territorial Recruitment Centre  does not accept documents. In addition, there was an explanation of the procedure for changing the place of service under martial law.

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