Mercury retrograde in Virgo will affect every sign: what to expect

Virgo sign will increase the influence of Mercury retrograde

Ancient myths associate the retrograde movement of the planet Mercury with the journey of the god Hermes through the underworld, during which he accompanies souls in the transition between worlds and learns the deepest secrets of existence. That is why during Mercury retrograde, we are drawn to introspection and contemplation. This is the time when his influence extends from the world of the living to the world of the dead. It is a time when we all want to think about the eternal.

Astrologers have analysed that Mercury's current retrograde through Virgo will have an intensified effect on this mystical journey. Virgo, an earth sign known for its meticulousness and analytical nature, will ensure that the planet's energy of communication and intelligence flourishes. Read on to find out what this retrograde will bring to each zodiac sign between 23 August and 15 September.


You may face challenges in personal relationships and professional pursuits when it comes to communication. The stars strongly advise you to be patient and avoid impulsive reactions. Always take time to think before responding - it will be very beneficial for you. This period is ideal for revisiting previously planned projects rather than rushing into new endeavours. And remember: you can handle anything that comes your way.


Pay close attention to your financial matters, as Mercury retrograde will have the greatest impact on you here. Be especially careful, as there is an increased likelihood of misunderstandings or unfortunate accidents related to financial transactions. To maintain financial stability, review your budgets, avoid impulsive purchases, and pay close attention to contracts and agreements. Diligence now will lead to greater prosperity in the future.


You may lose rapport with other people. Therefore, it is very important to practice active listening and refrain from jumping to any hasty conclusions. Pay attention to details and choose your words carefully. This will help you avoid potential pitfalls. In addition, reuniting with old friends or acquaintances can bring unexpected opportunities or pleasant surprises. Be balanced and careful, and you will be able to turn any challenges into victories.


You may face problems in family relationships. Previous misunderstandings or unresolved problems may re-emerge, and their resolution will require a patient and compassionate approach. Now is the time to develop relationships and express your emotions effectively. The healing you receive will be very important in your life. Remember, you have the power to overcome any obstacle.


You may experience delays or disruptions in creative projects, finances, and even romantic relationships. It's important for you to remain flexible and patient, as these challenges can pave the way for valuable insights. Use this opportunity to reflect on your creative endeavours and strengthen personal connections. Your creativity and resilience will help you succeed.


As Mercury moves retrograde through your sign, you will feel its energy most deeply. This will be a great time for introspection. Accept the life lessons you have to learn and use this time to re-evaluate your goals, reassess your direction and make the necessary adjustments. Remember to take care of yourself and avoid excessive self-criticism. Determination and the ability to adapt will lead you to success.


Your interpersonal relationships may experience difficulties during Mercury retrograde. There is a risk of misunderstandings and conflicts. Give priority to open and honest communication, clearly state your needs and accept the idea of compromise. Use this time to strengthen your relationship by improving mutual understanding. A diplomatic approach will help you overcome any obstacles.


Your work environment will be stormy, with communication breakdowns and misunderstandings with colleagues and superiors. It's important to stay calm and avoid unnecessary confrontation. Take the time to double-check your work and ensure clear communication. Use this period to reassess your career goals. Take advantage of every opportunity to improve your skills.


During this retrograde phase, you may feel a strong urge to travel and a thirst for adventure. However, prepare for possible delays or complications in your travel plans. Remain flexible and patient - you may find alternative opportunities to explore the world and gain knowledge. Take this time to immerse yourself in books or enrol in online courses to broaden your horizons. Your curiosity and adaptability will lead you to new discoveries.


You have big financial problems on the horizon. Therefore, the stars recommend that you proceed with caution when it comes to investments or important financial decisions. Take these weeks to analyse your goals, alternative approaches, and seek advice if necessary. Patience and practicality will be your allies during this time. Focus and creativity in your approach to money will help you overcome any financial obstacles.


Mercury retrograde brings you turbulence and misunderstandings in your relationships. Prioritise clear and open communication, seek clarity and avoid making assumptions. These challenges can actually bring you opportunities to deepen emotional connections and resolve conflicts. With a thoughtful approach, you will be able to overcome any obstacles to communication.


Your weaknesses during this retrograde are work and health. It is very important to pay priority attention to your condition. Both physical and psychological, as stress levels may increase. Avoid overcommitting and take time to review your work routine and habits. Maintain a self-care practice and don't hesitate to seek support if needed. Self-care is your main motto now.

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