Many people still follow them: five fashion rules that are outdated and have become a sign of bad taste

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Fashion rules

Trends in the fashion world change too quickly, and it can be difficult to keep up with them. That is why many ladies continue to follow fashion rules that have long been outdated.

OBOZREVATEL decided to collect five key mistakes that many girls still make when creating outfits. For example, stylists have long recommended wearing jewellery made of white and yellow metals in one look, although this used to be considered a gross violation of fashion laws.

The combination of gold and silver is not acceptable in one look

The stereotype that white metal does not go well with yellow is a thing of the past. It was in the days when gold items were used as a symbol of wealth and high status. Today, well-known jewellers and designers consider it appropriate to mix both metals in one piece of jewellery or image. This combination usually turns out to be very bright and extraordinary.


Wear a belt with trousers or jeans

It used to be that trousers with special straps on the waistline should always be worn with a belt. This rule is outdated for both men's and women's wardrobes. If the trousers fit you well and your look does not require a belt, then you can easily do without it.


Bag and shoes of the same colour

One of the oldest or, more accurately, outdated rules is a monochrome bag and shoes. Today, it is undesirable to create a "set" from these two wardrobe elements. When choosing the colour of your bag and shoes, it is enough to make sure that their shades are in harmony with each other.


Pedicure and manicure should match in colour

As in the previous version, this rule is no longer worth following. Finger and toe nails do not have to be the same colour. The cosmetics industry has made a huge step forward with new colours of varnishes, so you can safely experiment with the palette. However, do not forget that even in this case, the shades should be combined with each other. Red and beige are considered a win-win option


At this age, you can't wear...

If someone tells you that pink dresses, cartoon prints, miniskirts and other things can only be worn in childhood, then feel free to ignore them and wear a Mickey Mouse hoodie. Such age-old stereotypes are a thing of the past. Fashion approves of bold decisions, especially if they look appropriate and stylish.


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