Mankind will make contact with a parallel universe in the "coming days": but it's not certain

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In a parallel universe, there may be a doppelganger of yours that is a robot

Scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider are on the verge of making contact with a parallel universe. And this could happen as soon as in the next few days. At least, such a frankly fantastic story once again began to circulate on the web in June 2023.

As IFLscience notes, this is not the first time that humanity is on the verge of such a sensational breakthrough. However, as in previous times, the scientific community knows nothing about it.

According to an article circulating on social media and, in particular, on Twitter, researchers from the Large Hadron Collider should establish a connection with a parallel universe within "a few days".

A viral article about a connection to a parallel universe.

As you can see, there is nothing in the article to suggest that it is accurate. And it was written back in February 2023, but for some reason it's been virulently published now.

But the worst thing is that the source of the information is the British Daily Express. And it is not even in the publication itself, but in the fact that the original article was written in 2015. That is, either scientists have made contact with a parallel universe and keep everything a secret, or the invasion has already begun, but they forgot to tell us about it.

Moreover, the LHC experiment, which is discussed in the article, in no way concerned the contact with the parallel universe and did not seek to prove the reality of the "multiverse".

Professor Mir Faizal of the University of Waterloo generally notes that when people talk about the multiverse as "a multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualized," any study of this phenomenon passes from science to philosophy, since there is no way to prove such a theory or refute it.

However, as Faizal notes in Physics Letters B, it is possible to test whether additional dimensions actually exist. Such dimensions may exist in the universe as miniature black holes, which are perhaps smaller than an atom.

If humanity exists in a four-dimensional Universe, then none of the existing LHCs can generate enough energy to create a miniature black hole. However, if more dimensions exist (string theory, in particular, suggests the existence of 10 dimensions), then theoretically the LHC could create miniature black holes literally every second.

But when the collider was launched in 2015, no miniature black holes were detected. At the time, Faizal suggested that such a process required more energy, but he didn't give up on his theory.

"Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two-dimensional objects (width and length), can exist in the third dimension (height), parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions. We hypothesize that gravity can seep into additional dimensions, and if this happens, miniature black holes can be created at the LHC," he stated in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Previously OBOZREVATEL also told that black holes in the universe can work as a time machine.

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