Make your features look refined: 5 best hairstyles that visually reduce the face. Photo.

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A good hairstyle can help shrink the face

Often, a successful hairstyle can help to hide flaws and emphasise the advantages of the face. A carefully selected haircut or stylish colouring will help to complement the look, create the right accents and even visually rejuvenate. But many women want to change the proportions of their face: emphasise the cheekbones, reduce the cheeks or forehead.

Simple hair manipulations can help with this, as they can reduce the face and make features more refined. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about them (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Long bangs

If nature has given you a high forehead, but you want to make your face rounder, long bangs will do the trick. It will hide part of the face, so it will appear smaller.


High ponytail or low bun

Removing all the hair from the face may seem like all the flaws are on display, but this is not the case. The absence of strands near the face will help to sharpen all the features, lengthen the face and visually make it thinner.



In contrast, voluminous hair will help to visually reduce the face, because against the background of lush hair, features will appear more refined.



A skilled technician will be able to correct the proportions of the face with the help of hair. Layering will help to stretch the oval of the face and make it thinner.


Oblique parting

Since everyone's face is not symmetrical, an oblique parting can help to focus attention on the "best side" and hide the part that seems disproportionate.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about hairstyles that can ruin hair. Improper styling will deprive the strands of shine and lead to brittleness.

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