List of etiquette rules that everyone unintentionally violates

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Etiquette rules

There are a few rules of etiquette that everyone unintentionally breaks. For example, it is customary to let a woman go first. However, there are still some exceptions you should know about. You should not stir tea in a circular motion and you can not say "bless you" if a stranger sneezed.

If you want to yawn, you need to cover your mouth. However, it turns out that there is one important difference. Read OBOZREVATEL material to learn more.

How not to stir sugar

According to the rules of etiquette, sugar should be stirred in a circular motion. The reason is simple. The spoon touches the wall of the cup, creating an annoying sound.

The bless you rule

A stranger sneezed and you want to show that you are a well-mannered person by saying "bless you". This is considered a bad manner and a gross violation of personal boundaries in the highest circles of society. Experts in the field of etiquette advise ignoring the sneezing of a stranger. You should not say "cheers" to a client at work, an unknown colleague, a salesperson or a person in line either. You can simply offer a napkin or handkerchief as a last resort.

Which hand to use to cover your mouth

When sneezing, coughing or yawning, you should cover your mouth with your left hand. We usually greet people with the right hand, so the comfort and health of others should be respected.

Is it possible to congratulate a woman on her wedding

The rules of etiquette say that it is necessary to congratulate a man on his wedding. It's not about gender inequality. The explanation is quite pleasing: it is usually the man who takes the initiative, makes an offer and wins the heart of a woman. men are congratulated on the wedding, while women are wished happiness.

When you should not let a woman go first

According to the rules of etiquette, a man should be the first to enter the elevator as the elevator can be considered a dangerous place. As for the exit, the nearest person who stands at the door is the first to leave.

Is it possible to address younger people on a first-name basis

If a person is 12 years old or older, they should be addressed as adults. This rule of etiquette is ignored very often. We are used to be familiar with younger people, especially teenagers. You should show respect to everyone, regardless of age category.

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