"Like a 3rd class citizen": Russian tennis player complains that she was denied a flight "because of my nationality"

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Dyachenko spoke about the incident in Cairo

Russian tennis player Vitalia Dyachenko threw a tantrum on social media after she was denied boarding a flight from Polish airline LOT Cairo to Warsaw to Nice. The representative of the aggressor country unfoundedly accused Ukraine's western neighbours of discrimination on the basis of nationality, forgetting that Warsaw had banned Russian citizens from entering the country.

The 250th ranked player wrote about this on her Instagram page. Dyachenko expressed her indignation at the actions of the airline's employees and said that she was treated "like a 3rd class citizen because of my nationality", and this will not change the situation in the world.


"The airline rules are to ban Russians from flying LOT Airlines! I had all the letters of support, but in modern tennis, it doesn't change anything for reality. As a result, I was stuck for 18 hours at Cairo airport, at night, without food, sleep or the opportunity to fly! I was treated like a 3rd class citizen (because of my nationality), spent several thousand euros (all of which is nothing) because, unfortunately, I have no way of getting to the tournament. As a professional athlete who plays without a flag and doesn't represent his country, just loves his job, his career, loves tennis all his life... Is this fair to the athletes who have nothing to do with this situation?" said Dyachenko.


It should be noted that Vitaliia does not comment on her country's war against Ukraine. Earlier, world number one Iga Szwiątek, who has been constantly declaring her support for Ukraine since February last year, took to the court without a yellow and blue ribbon for the first time since then.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Arina Sobolenko, the best tennis player in Belarus and a fan of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, responded to Ukrainians in a rude manner after being asked about the self-proclaimed president of her country.

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