"Let them get ready to throw their medals in the trash": Russia, which created a state doping system, accuses Europeans of fraud

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Vasilyev criticised the Norwegians

Two-time Olympic champion Dmytro Vasilyev has threatened Norway and other countries with legal action over athletes with therapeutic exemptions. A representative of the aggressor country, which has built a state doping system, accused the Norwegians of manipulating asthma medicines.

The former biathlete said this in an interview with the propaganda news agency TASS. According to Vasilyev, such athletes cannot be considered healthy, but are allegedly simply faking their diagnoses in order to legally use banned substances.

Tarjei Be



The day before, the Russian biathlon team was officially deprived of the bronze medal in the women's relay at the 2014 Sochi Games.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a scandal erupted between Russia and Belarus after athletes from Belarus were not allowed to compete in the Russian biathlon championship.

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