Lavender will bloom without stopping: how to feed it correctly

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What to fertilize lavender with

There is a debate going on in professional circles about the need to fertilize lavender. Some people say that lavender does not need it because it is accustomed to poor soils and can "settle for little". Others say that it will take longer to bloom and that its scent will be less intense.

If it is not given enough nutrients the leaves and stems will become diseased. The flowers will fade and drop and the inflorescences will fall off. How to feed lavender - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

Useful fertilizers

Lavender does not need organic fertilizers, because there is almost no organic matter in its natural growth environment. On the contrary, organic fertilizer will be a breeding ground for pests and pathogens.

So it is better to feed lavender with a mineral fertiliser. Any combination with potassium and phosphorous will have a positive effect on growth, scent and flowering. Nitrogen can be used, but very carefully and in small amounts. In spring, for example, nitrophoska is recommended: this nitrogen is balanced with potassium and phosphorus.

Milled eggshells can also be very beneficial, as they gradually fill the soil with minerals.


Fertilizing Rules

Fertilizer should be applied when watering, especially in the heat of summer and a prolonged lack of rain.

In addition, you can fertilize by using granular products when loosening the soil or mulching.


Frequency of Fertilization

Nitrogen is necessary for lavender during the active growing season. When the buds begin to form, nitrogen fertilizers are advised to be eliminated and switch to potassium-phosphorus preparations.

Usually in the first years, lavender does not need additional nutrients at all. Experts advise to start fertilizing about 4 years after planting.

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